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    Thu, Apr 23, 6:39pm

    Matt Willis, M.D., Public Health Officer, County of Marin; Lisa Santora, M.D., Deputy Public Health Officer / ASL Interpreter

    00:00 - Introduction 03:07 - Overview of current COVID-19 activity in Marin (Dr. Santora) 05:14 - Overview current priorities of Marin County Public Health (Dr. Willis) 13:29 - QUESTION: What is the modeling being to predict when this hospital surge may take place? 17:11 - QUESTION: What data/metrics are you using to determine when we can loosen our shelter in place order? 22:08 - QUESTION: What is the testing landscape in Marin? 31:33 - QUESTION: Is there a backlog in testing? 32:53 - QUESTION: What is being done to test Marin's vulnerable populations? 38:26 - QUESTION: We have heard reports that COVID-19 might be affecting certain demographics differently than others. How is COVID-19 affecting people of color? Are you seeing any of those statistics here in Marin County? 42:35 - QUESTION: California issued a new report about COVID-19 outbreaks in senior living facilities: what is being done to support residential facilities in Marin? 49:15 - QUESTION: Marin has been moving in sync with other Bay Area Counties: Will Marin stay in sync? Will Marin have to wait to lift orders until the other counties are ready? 51:32 - QUESTION: Explain Marin's "indicators" in terms of knowing if our efforts are working. 52:49 - QUESTION: When will we be able to loosen restrictions on visiting parks? 54:56 - QUESTION: Dr. Willis, what did you learn from your experience of having the COVID-19 illness that you're bringing back to your work as our public health officer? 58:10 - Closing Comments


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    Tue, Apr 21, 6:04pm

    Apr 21, San Rafael, CA – Marin County property owners needing relief from property tax penalties received welcome news April 21 regarding the tax collector’s COVID-19 penalty waiver process. The Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to give the Marin County Director of Finance the ability to waive property tax penalties for reasons that are specific to COVID-19.

    The Board’s action is intended to address taxes that first became delinquent during the shelter-in-place order and includes reasons related to individual economic hardship. ... The Board resolution created a clear framework around the COVID-19 penalty waiver process and allows the Tax Collector’s Office to cancel penalties for reasons related to COVID-19 that are beyond the normal standard. It will also ensure accountability, equity, and uniformity in the process and will allow the County to quantify the financial impact of COVID-19 on property taxes should opportunities for reimbursement become available.


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    Fri, Apr 24, 3:40pm

    Daily Life & Coping / Symptoms & Testing / What to do if Sick / People who Need Extra Precautions 

    La Vida Diaria y Cómo Sobrellevar la Situación / Síntomas y Pruebas / Si Está Enfermo / Personas que necesitan tomar precauciones adicionales

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    Tue, Apr 21, 8:52am
    West Marin

    Here are a couple sources for produce and other farm foods available in West Marin.

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    Mon, Apr 20, 10:57am

    Sugerencias y Soluciones Sobre Salud, Seguridad, Satisfacción y Serenidad
    a través de la radio, la Internet, la prensa y la vecindad

    Escuche nuestro programa

    En vivo los miércoles a las 11am PST por:

    KBBF 89.1 FM

    KWMR 90.5, 89.9, 92.3 FM

    ¡Su opinión, por favor! Agradeceremos de corazón dedique 2 minutos para responder a nuestra encuesta de evaluación del programa Cuerpo Corazón Comunidad:

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    Mon, Apr 20, 5:17pm

    "Covid-19 & Shelter-in Place: What Comes Next" 

    Monday, April 20, 2020 at 6:30 PM. with FEATURED SPEAKERS: Matt Willis, M.D., Public Health Officer, County of Marin; Lisa Santora, M.D., Deputy Public Health Officer, County of Marin. Learn more about the virtual Community Conversation, including how to watch it live and submit questions; en Español:

    One month has passed since the stay at home order went into effect. Residents and businesses have made major changes to minimize the spread of COVID-19, yet the virus still exists in our community and hospital surge is still a possibility. Will the shelter in place be lifted soon? How do face coverings factor into this? What is the next step? Join us for a community conversation as Marin’s top public health experts answer your questions about this important topic.

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    Sun, Apr 26, 8:28pm

    Occurred to me that if people would like me not to post this info, that's ok. Don't need to disturb anybody.  

    Marin Confirmed Cases: 224 [+1]

    Marin Recovered from Covid (14 days post-diagnosis, out of hospital): 157 [+1]

    Marin Deaths: 12 [+0]

    Marin Hospitalizations over time: 43 [+1]

    Marin Hospitalizations currently: 2 [+0]

    Marin Persons Tested: 3,279 [+79]


    Residential Care and Skilled Nursing Facility COVID-19 activity:

    Positive Patients at Facilities:               22 [+0]

    Positive Staff at Facilities:                    25 [+0]

    Facilities with positive Patients/Staff:   10 [+0]


    California Confirmed Cases: 43,541 [+1,316]

    California Deaths: 1,718 [+42]

    Video: Dr. Jei Africa, Director, Marin HHS Behavioral Health & Recovery Services, for Marin HHS, Info, Interactive Map, Graphs, Data; add'l Resources: Multiple pages of FAQS (Click on 'View More FAQs' on initial landing page) and Masks/Face Coverings, Homelessness, Transit, Hospitals, Donation Options, Disabilities, Apply for Medi-Cal/CMSP/CalFresh-Cal-Works, Isolation & Quarantine, General Coronavirus Info, Travelers, Businesses, Events/Mass Gatherings, Pregnant Women & Children, Chronic Medical Conditions, Schools,

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    Tue, Apr 21, 1:01pm

    When the Shelter-in-Place order hit, Gallery Route One was preparing its annual Members' Exhibition for an opening on March 27th, and GRO's Artists in the Schools (AIS) program had just initiated a connection with Tomales Elementary School, meeting with the kids only once before the schools were suddenly closed.

    What's a nonprofit, community-based art gallery to do? Art exhibitions, receptions, workshops and talks, performances and fundraisers all involve bringing people together to share the art experience collectively. In response to the limitations we all face today, Gallery Route One is finding ways to bring its programs to the internet.


    The Members' Exhibition is now available to view on the gallery website, where you can see artwork, and photos of each artist, along with a few words about their process. Visit Spring 2020 to see the exhibition, and "Meet the Artists." Anyone interested in buying an artwork can do so through the gallery's new online store, and visitors will find a selection of items from the GRO gift shop there as well. The shop is still a work in progress with new artworks and items being posted daily!


    As the artists for the 2020 Box Show get to work, the gallery will be excited to post online the box art that is in progress. Although the date for the annual Box Show is yet to be determined, plain wooden boxes will be distributed to participating artists as per usual so that artists can be working on them while sheltering in place.

    GROis eager to reach out to kids as well as their families during this unprecedented time. To keep the connection going with kids participating in GRO's AIS program, program director Joe Fox is quickly learning how to videotape his art lessons for posting on AIS' YouTube channel. On the gallery's website a new series, Art Projects at Home, has been launched with postings of creative projects using simple materials usually found around the house. Gallery artists and board members alike will be cooking up an innovative series of new projects in the coming weeks. Visit Art Projects at Home on Gallery Route One's homepage:


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    Sat, Apr 18, 3:09pm

    From Redwood Credit Union (hopefully your bank or credit union has been proactive on this issue as well):

    Dear Valued Member,

    As you’ve seen in the news, fraud and scams are on the rise. RCU’s Fraud Prevention Team is passionately committed to safeguarding your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Keeping your accounts and information secure is critically important to us, and we are actively monitoring the latest fraudulent schemes. However, you’re an indispensable partner in achieving and sustaining this important goal. Here are some resources and reminders to keep you and all that you love safe, especially in these unprecedented times.

    Reminders on how to protect yourself:

    Don’t click unrecognized links.

    Don’t click on links, open attachments, or respond to unexpected emails or text messages from suspicious or unknown senders.

    Say no to fraudulent investment opportunities.

    Always be wary of any investment opportunity that sounds too good to be true. Thoroughly research businesses and be especially skeptical of miracle cures or treatments.

    Beware of unsolicited calls and texts.

    Financial institutions and government agencies should never call, text or email you to ask for personal information, passwords, or logins. Hang up and do some research before calling back or responding.
    Criminals use text and voice calls impersonating your financial institution, and try to get you to share your information by claiming you have fraud on your card or need to update your account.
    RCU will never call or text you asking for your private information. If you are suspicious of a call, hang up and call us directly at 1 (800) 479-7928.

    Be social media smart.

    Beware of financial requests or offers on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social or dating sites. Do not click or access your financial accounts from within a social media site, and never share your login information.
    Be wary of anyone asking you for your statement or a copy of your statement for any purpose.

    Don’t fall for loan scams.

    Fraudsters are posing as financial institutions offering instant access to money. Never give out your personal or login information, and work with a financial institution you trust. 

    Walk away from deceptive employment offers.

    If you are seeking employment, walk away from job offers that require you to purchase gift cards, merchandise, or pay out of pocket for supplies or services to be reimbursed later.

    RCU resources to help you protect yourself:

    Learn about how RCU is working to protect you at

    Want to receive RCU security alerts?

    Use RCU’s online banking to sign up for free instant emails about your account activity. Learn more here:

    Have you received a suspicious email or text?

    Or have you received communication that seems to be from us, but you’re suspicious of the origin? 

    Please forward a copy of the email, text, or URL of the phishing website to

    If you have other questions, please call us at 1 (800) 479-7928 or (707) 545-4000.

    Rest assured, we work diligently to help protect your accounts. But the most effective way to avoid fraud is by recognizing and avoiding schemes beforehand. With vigilance, we can keep your accounts safe, together.

    Tony Hildesheim
    Chief Information Officer

    Also, see attached information flyer about Medicare fraud (March 30, 2020)


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    Sat, Apr 18, 9:46am

    Everyone is asked to wear a face covering when they are interacting with others who are not members of their household in public and private spaces. Specifically, the new orderstates that people must wear face coverings when:

    Inside public spaces or waiting in line to enter public spaces
    Seeking health care
    Waiting for or riding on mass transit or other shared transportation
    In common areas of buildings, such as hallways, stairways, elevators and parking facilities.
    Workers at businesses physically open and in areas where the public is present, likely to be present, or at any time when others are nearby.
    Workers in any space where food is being prepared and/or packaged for sale.
    Drivers/Operators of public transit.

    Children aged 12 years old or younger are not required to wear a face covering.  In addition, individuals engaged in outdoor exercise such as walking, hiking, running or bicycling or running are not required to wear a face covering but should carry one with them and must continue to practice physical distancing.

    Employers may to the extent already authorized by law refuse admission or service to any customer or visitor who refuses to comply with this Order and are encouraged to post signs at businesses entrances to remind customers of the requirement to wear face covering.

    In requiring facial covering, Marin is joining other Bay Area counties that have instituted such measures to strengthen the regional shelter in place order.

    “This does not change the current shelter in place order, which is in place at least until May 3.” said Dr. Matt Willis, Marin County Public Health Officer. “But we need to make sure we can interact more safely in public, before we consider any changes to the shelter in place order.”

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) people infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 may not have symptoms, but they can still be contagious. Many people with the COVID-19 virus have mild symptoms and do not recognize they are infected and contagious, and can unintentionally infect others. Wearing a face cover helps prevent the spread of droplets that might be infectious. Wearing a face covering, when combined with physical distancing of at least 6 feet, staying home when sick, and frequent hand washing, can help minimize the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

    The health order will go into effect at 12:00p.m. Wednesday, April 22, 2020, to allow time for the general public to procure appropriate facial coverings.

    Under the order, face coverings need to cover the nose and mouth.  The CDC suggestshome-sewn fabric coverings, bandanas, a “DIY” mask from an old t-shirt and neck gaiters are examples of acceptable face coverings, especially because they can be washed and worn again. Due to the severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) across the state, residents should refrain from trying to purchasing medical-grade masks for their own use and to utilize homemade face coverings instead. 

    For more information about COVID-19 in Marin County, please visit the Corornavirus in Marin website. Individuals can contact Marin HHS with non-medical COVID-19 questions by calling 415-473-7191 weekdays between 9:30 a.m. and noon and 1-5 p.m. or by


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    Thu, Apr 16, 1:18pm
    West Marin

    If you, or your neighbor is over 60 years old and in need of West Marin Senior Services, please reach out to us. We are here, doing our part to keep the most vulnerable safe. See flyer attached for programs and services.

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    Thu, Apr 16, 8:04pm

    Released April 15

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    Tue, Apr 14, 7:04pm

    The Marin Community Foundation, in collaboration with the County of Marin, have determined all donations from this point forward for the COVID-19 pandemic response will be dedicated to rental assistance for our most economically vulnerable residents. This will help us mitigate the effects of loss of income as we continue to shelter in place. Please consider giving to help everyone remain housed during these challenging times. Those wishing to make a donation can do so by going to the Marin Community Foundation donation website:

    The West Marin Fund's Covid-19 Donation Page & Button:

    > Providing immediate funding to trusted local non-profits that provide essential services in the community;
    > Ensuring families and individuals facing the greatest hardship receive immediate assistance – particularly people who are undocumented, families of low-income with young children, and isolated seniors;
    > Helping local nonprofits link to governmental and other resources to continue operating;
    > Collaborating with the County, other foundations, donors and agencies to get resources to where they are most needed;
    > Supporting mid-term needs and long-term rehabilitation of our West Marin communities.


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    Tue, Apr 14, 12:15pm

    Need a Mask?
    Sew a Mask?
    Materials to Donate?

    The Dance Palace is your community coordinator!
    To receive a cloth mask, please email Chris will be in touch about how you can pick-up a mask made by a local sewer. Please note that there is no personal contact, your mask will be individually sealed, and you will receive instructions about the use and care for your mask.
    Can you sew a mask? The community needs your help! 

    A huge shout out to those who have started sewing last week--and we need more help! Along with a large and growing waiting list of community members wanting masks, West Marin Community Services needs masks to enhance the safety of their food distribution efforts, and West Marin Senior Services needs masks for their front line staff at the Stockstill House Assisted Living facility, and for their Care Management team. If you can help by sewing masks or donating materials, email and she will coordinate material/mask drop-off. 
    And… send us photos of you stylin’ in your masks to share with our community.
    We miss you all,
    The Dance Palace Team

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    Tue, Apr 14, 11:12am

    A Covid alert about coping. Not a belief system, just a way of considering how we are. If you're not into what he's mainly known for, consider that Jack Kornfield is also a clinical psychologist.



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