Board of Supervisors Public Hearing & Vote to purchase the Point Reyes Coast Guard Property for affordable homes

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 9:00am to 11:00am
Event Description: 

September 17th

9:00 – 11:00 AM (approximate)

Board of Supervisors Public Hearing & Vote

To purchase The Point Reyes Coast Guard Property For affordable homes

Act Now:

Email the Board of Supervisors at
Join us at 8:00am, 9/17 for carpool to Civic Center. Meet at Pt. Reyes Presbyterian Church, 11445 Hwy 1
Hearing location: 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, Room 301 Board of Supervisors Chambers


What it means for West Marin:

A neighborhood of affordable homes in the midst of a housing crisis
Potential for local, community ownership through CLAM

(The Community Land Trust Association of West Marin)


Talking Points for Email and Public Testimony


Consider including these messages in your comments:


We support the County’s property purchase for $4.3 million.


I signed a petition to show my support for purchase of the Coast Guard property. Thanks for funding the purchase and making this sale happen.


We desperately need this housing asset to support the economic vibrancy of West Marin and its workers.


Affordable housing for a range of household sizes and incomes is desperately needed in Point Reyes and West Marin.


We want to get the housing occupied as soon as possible. Expedited public review, planning and permitting will be very important at the County and Coastal Commission levels.


Our community wants to provide input on the property’s future and have a meaningful involvement in the planning process.


We want this property to provide housing and also provide some community uses that are needed in our rural area.


The project bid winners should have a deep knowledge of Point Reyes, our history & value of community collaboration, and a desire & demonstrated ability to partner with the community on this project.


CLAM, as the local community land trust, is the right organization to own and steward the long-term public benefits and assets on the property.


As an employer in West Marin, I’m constantly struggling to retain employees because housing is scarce and too expensive. I am ready to support this AND other local workforce housing with my advocacy and efforts.


All background on the property, septic capacity, environmental constraints and opportunities should be made available to the public now so that potential bidders can work on their project proposals without delay.


Posted by: 
Susan Brayton

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