Dance Palace Online Art Exhibition: "Home Inside" by Laurel Ann Riley

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Event Description: 

The Dance Palace Art Committee's Inaugural Online Art Show & Artist Reception

Laurel Ann “LA” Riley, locally-grown emerging artist and educator, presents a new body of work, “Home Inside,” in the Dance Palace Art Committee’s inaugural online Art Show.

LA uses watercolor mixed-media to tell visual stories about the magic and emotional landscape of everyday life. Through vivid brush-strokes and playful colors, the work combines natural and architectural elements, self-portraits and poetry, exploring dreams, inverted worlds, and the experience of being alive in a body. This collection has been created over the past 9 months of the artist’s time living in Uruguay. 

The online gallery will be available for viewing on the Dance Palace's Online Art Gallery for the month of October and prints are available purchase.

View the "Home Inside" show here:


Join LA, in conversation with Carlos Porrata, for an online reception on Sunday, October 11, from 5:00pm-6:00pm.

The reception is free, but you must register in advance (no later than 4pm on Sunday, October 11th):

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Susan Pierson

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