OURS book cover

Thursday, 9/23, 1:00-2:30 pm ~ Conversation with Peter Barnes and Economist James Boyce

Mark Switzer • September 13, 2021

Conversation with Mesa Refuge Founder Peter Barnes and Economist James Boyce

In his recent provocative book, Mesa Refuge founder Peter Barnes argues for injecting markets with a type of property that isn’t mine, yours or the state’s, but ours jointly—literally held in trust for each of us, living and yet-to-be born. Such property could protect critical ecosystems, pay lifelong dividends to everyone, and reduce the likelihood of financial crashes. The result would be a market economy in which businesses prosper, nature’s limits are respected, and a large middle class thrives. Find out more about the book and Peter’s work on his website.

Robert Reich calls OURS “lucid and persuasive.” Mesa Refuge Alum Chuck Collins says, “OURS offers an elegant solution to inequality that is hiding in plain sight. It’s not subsidies or tax credits, just smart and fair management of wealth we inherit together.”