Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Event Description: 

Your garden is your outdoor sanctuary. Landscaped with native species, your yard, patio, or balcony becomes a vital recharge station for migratory birds passing through and a sanctuary for nesting and overwintering birds. By landscaping, or wildscaping, with native plants, we can create a quilt of restored habitat which mean more choices of food and shelter for native birds, native pollinators and other wildlife.   In our new educational outreach presentation, Wildscaping for Songbirds, we will demonstrate the importance of restoring our communities, one garden patch at a time.  From a birds-eye view, learn how to create wildlife-friendly gardens that help combat the loss of open spaces and create green corridors that link your wildscape to larger natural areas by providing habitat for wildlife. Registration Fee Benefits Native Songbird Care and Conservation.​

REGISTER HERE: https://www.fairfaxbackyardfarmer.com/workshop-calendar.html#sept11​​

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Jim Normandi

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