FORUMS: What are the forum posting guidelines?

What are the forum guidelines?


Commons Connect Forums - Guidelines for Posting

  • If you need to respond to or send a message to just one person, please do not send it to the group, unless you think it is something the group needs to know.
  • Respect the privacy and integrity of everyone. Don't publish information not already in the public realm without permission.
  • Do not forward (or post) conversations, particularly to news outlets or other broadcasting media, without the writer's permission.
  • Read and edit your email before sending.
  • Be respectful.
  • Seek honest dialogue.
  • No name-calling, flaming, or other attacks.
  • Refrain from language that incites aggression.
  • Do not copy posts to non-members or other forums or bulletin boards without permission from the posting author.
  • Include a personal introduction or summary when posting published news items or petitions. Do not simply forward material.
  • Other than WMMarketplace, our forums are non-commercial. Please donate to West Marin Commons to help support this non-profit project.


Online Forums

Commons Connect Forums provide a virtual gathering place to those who live and work in the West Marin Community. (Access to this local online forum is limited to those who work and live in the geographical area outlined here.)

A single registration allows community members to post local events on the Community Calendar, to post items of immediate importance on Alerts, and to access all of the forums including:

  • West Marin Soapbox: Campaigns, Causes, and Discussions
  • Over-the-Hill-Gang: Rides and Errands
  • West Marin Share: Reuse materials; share information and services -  a money free zone
  • West Marin Marketplace: rentals; things and services for sale
  • Tending the Wild Collaborative: An Ethnobiology Project
  • Local Food System Initiative: Food and garden related shares and information
  • Think Local West Marin: Appreciation and applause for our neighbors
  • Commons Connect Tech Support: Help with our Web site features
  • Volunteering Opportunities in West Marin: Help our local non-profits





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