How do I register for West Marin Commons?

Most of the questions answered below relate to use of the site once you are registered. The whole purpose and distinction of this site is ownership of, by and for people who live and/or work in West Marin. If you live or work in West Marin, you can register from the home page.

Can I stop receiving email notifications? Or at least receive email notifications less frequently?

Yes! Log into the site. Under Settings, adjust Notifications. You'll see variations on the questions of receiving email notifications. You can receive email notifications on a Weekly, Daily, or Immediate basis - or not at all. Please go through the options to adjust to your preferences. 

How do I see what is recent in the website Groups (Share, Marketplace, Soapbox, etc)?

There are multiple ways to navigate the site but the one way to see new postings in all groups is to click on Explore on the home page. Click to see the drop down menu. Click All Topics. 

How do I post to the Groups (Share, Marketplace, Soapbox, etc)?

To post, log in. From your Personal Profile page select New Topic from the + pull down menu. Chose the Group you have joined from the pull down menu. Complete the Subject and Description boxes. Add a listing image for the Topic listing. Save your posting using the Save button bottom right.

Can I include more than one photo or image in a posting?

Yes, to add photos on creation (or when editing your posts), place your cursor in the Description box where you want to place the image. Click on the small "picture" icon to the right of the quotation mark icon on the menu bar. In the Insert image box, click Choose File; enter some Alternative Text (required for limited vision access compliance), adjust Alignment and decide if you want a Caption (which will be available to type in when the image is uploaded). Then Save.

Place the cursor where you want the next image and repeat the steps outlined here. Save the post by clicking Save bottom right.

Will I receive a copy of my own posting?

The new site is set up so that you will NOT receive a copy of your own posting via email, nor as a notification on your Profile page.

If you wish to see your posting, sign on to the site and find it in the group where you posted. If a user Comments on your post, you will receive a notification on your Profile page. You will also receive an email notification, IF you've configured your own Settings to receive this. (See above on how to adjust email notifications.)

How do I see replies to my posting in a Group?

If someone replies to your post in a Group, you should be able to see it under the posting once you are logged in.

If you want to be notified by email of these posts, you need to adjust your email notifications to indicate this. If there is a particular post you want to follow, you need to click the box at the top of the posting that says Follow. 

How do I respond to other registered users?

You can reply to a registered user in a Group post. Postings in a Group are visible to all other registered users on the site.

You can also email another member by hovering over their name with your cursor which will bring you to their Profile. Once on their Profile, click Full Profile which should show the email address.

Another way to reach a registered user is to send them a Private Message. (Note, receiving email notifications of Private Messages is an option in each person's Settings. If you are logged into the site, you'll see there is a Private Message when a number appears over the Envelope icon on the right hand side of the Menu Bar.)

How do I post an Event?

Any registered user can post an event. Sign in. Click your Profile button. On the drop-down menu you will see My Events. Click there. Under your profile button or photo, you will see an option to Create Event. Once you enter information and images according to specifications, be sure to click Save bottom right.