You have tried everything and just can’t find something that will help you. Consider the alternative healing technique of reflexology. José Ponce is a master reflexologist and healer. Utilizing acupressure on the reflexes (points that correlate to all the parts and functions of the body) of the feet and hands, coupled with intuitive energy work, José’s reflexology treatments go above and beyond what you will get from a typical reflexology treatment. In addition, Jose´ has an uncanny ability to do a complete body scan through the process of doing a treatment. He can often direct people to seek important medical attention by discovering vital information from the bottoms and tops of the feet. Reflexology treatments will not only help relieve pain and heal what ails you, it is also an excellent way to maintain consistent good health and well being. Regular treatments not only keep you feeling great, they can also be preventative. Through regular sessions, Jose´ will be able to recognize changes and either take care of the issue on the spot or recommend seeking medical attention. Reflexology provides a natural healing alternative to chemical medications and in some cases, surgeries.

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